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Bag packing, Gratitude and the best news!


Me clearly not posing at all while bag packing 😉

Hello again. I have been busy bag packing for the past two days and the results have been incredible. I made £163.71 on the first day, £102.90 on the second and £266.61 overall. This means that I have surpassed my fundraising target of £800 and I have raised £872.60 overall with one event still left. I apologize for attacking you with figures 😛

I honestly don’t know how to feel, it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I am going to Rwanda and I have raised all the money. It feels surreal, like I am in a dream. This could be because I am tired from bag packing. I just feel so grateful to everyone who has donated and helped me out, it makes me feel so happy and amazed at the generosity shown by all. It blows me away and gives me hope that we can make a difference.


A wonderful staff member from Waitrose

All that change and those odd pound coins didn’t look like much at first until I came to count it all up and realize that every single penny helped. You see its not always about how much that coin is worth but the feeling it was given with. All that money was given willingly (at least I hope so) with a good heart and a smile and that is almost as good as reaching my target. 

I have so many people to thank, the staff at Waitrose for letting me bag pack. If I hadn’t done that I would never have reached my target so fast. The staff were all so friendly and made me feel at ease immediately. The customers were all so lovely and polite, I even met one who went to school with Mary Berry (I was very excited at finding this out). I also need to thank my mum for being such a big help, without her and my family’s support I doubt I would have been able to fund raise so quickly and so well.


Another wonderful staff member at Wetherspoons


My wonderful mum who has been such a big help ❤

I want to thank Wetherspoons for letting me sell my cards and bookmarks in there, it was so nice to be able to leave a money jar and be able to do other things without worrying. Candy Jax have been amazing for hosting my “guess the sweets in the jar” event. It means so much to me that she would be so generous with her time. Also the Melksham Independent news ( have been great, they were kind enough to interview me and write an article about me and Tearfund. Hopefully it will inspire other people to volunteer and make a difference. Also a huge thanks to Tearfund for giving me this opportunity and the tools to fundraise. It really means the world to me. 


My bag packing station, it was so fun but much harder than it looks 😛

And last but not least I want to say a huge thank you to God, yes I know this is cheesy. But without God none of this would have been possible. I am just a big happy, thankful, overwhelmed bundle of emotions right now, which is extremely hard to put into words!

I hope you enjoyed this post, this is the end of my fundraising journey but the start of another to Kigali, where I believe the real journey begins ( I am so deep 😉 )





A (very long) introduction


Hello, My name is Sarah Gale and this is officially my first blog post…..and my first blog. It looks like its a day of firsts! I am extremely excited (maybe a bit too much) about starting this blog, or should I say journey. Before I tell you anything else I feel I owe it to you to tell you a little about myself.I have recently graduated with a degree in Zoology (Animals and stuff ). 


My Graduation

I am a lover of books, animals (especially fluffy, cute ones..), alone time and tea, I REALLY love tea. There are tea lovers and then there is me…I have just about every kind of tea you can think of, all caffeine free as I have given it up. Lets just say I got a little addicted and had to wean myself off. To be honest I feel so much better without it, but I do miss coffee.

I love to write, mostly fantasy books and I am currently writing one at the moment. It’s going great…OK so it’s going slow but I have to start somewhere. I have always wanted to be an author, to see my book published would be a dream come true(I know it sounds cliche but it really would be amazing).

There is another thing I am very passionate about, helping people. I just love to do things for people. I know it sounds like I am making myself sound like an angel (I am not and do not intend for it to come across that way) but I get so much joy out of doing things for people. I have no idea why, if there’s a job I will volunteer to do it, especially if its cleaning. I actually enjoy it, I am not joking. I just think there is something so satisfying about washing up or hoovering, I know I sound like I live life on the edge (Don’t judge me 😛 ).

Now I come to the really important part. In September 28th I am going to Rwanda with ICS Tearfund for 10 weeks. More specifically I am going to Kigali. ICS (International Citizen Service) is a UK government development program which fights poverty and makes a difference where it is needed most.



They are partnered with many charities including Tearfund. Tearfund are passionate about ending poverty, they go to where the need is greatest working through local churches to unlock people’s potential and helping them to discover that the answer to poverty is within themselves (This is definitely not copied from their website…there are only so many ways to re-word it).

I need to raise £800, and all the money raised goes straight back into ICS and the running of programs like the one I am participating in. I have been doing fundraising events such as car boot sales, guess how many sweets in the jar in my local sweet shop (Candy Jax), selling cards and crafts in Wetherspoons and I will be bag packing for two days in Waitrose. So far I have raised £425.98 which is wonderful, people have been so generous and it makes me so very happy. 


Fundraising at the car boot sale

I love Tearfund’s vision, it is the main reason I wanted to volunteer with them. Poverty doesn’t just trap people physically but mentally too. It makes people think they are not worthy, as if it is their fault they are in poverty and cannot get out of it. But this is simply not true. By giving people the tools to help themselves you are giving them the key to a brighter future, for them and everyone around them. You are also giving them the key to something everyone should have, hope. 

 More information on Tearfund and ICS can be found here:

If you feel you want to donate then this is the link to my Justgiving page: If you do not feel you are able to (or simply don’t want to which is fine too) then please spread the word, tell someone about Tearfund or even have a look yourself. You may find you want to do work like this at some point, I would highly recommend applying at least, who knows where it will take you 😀

The reason I started this blog is because I want to include as many people as possible on this journey with me. It may not be super exciting at first (fundraising is rarely the best part) but I hope you can bear with me to see what we can do as a group of people, passionate about ending poverty. I hope you enjoyed my first post, I look forward to writing many more in the future and bringing you on this journey with me.

Lots of love